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Clevis Pin Clip Yamaha G2-G22 Clevis Pin Accelerator Cable Yamaha G14+ Choke Cable Nut
Clevis Pin Clip
Our Price: $3.90
Yamaha Drive Accelerator Cable 63" Yamaha Drive G29 Choke Cable 15" YDR Yamaha G16/G22 Gas Accelerator Cable
Yamaha Drive Throttle Cable 23.25" Yamaha G2-G14 Governor to Carburetor Throttle Cable Yamaha G14/G16/G22 Gas Throttle Cable
Yamaha G8/G14 Gas Choke Cable 21" Yamaha G2/G9 Gas 24" Choke Cable Yamaha G2/G8/G9/G11 Gas Throttle Cable 63 5/8" Pedal to Governor
Yamaha G8 Gas Accelerator Cable Yamaha G16/G20 Choke Cable Seat Mount Yamaha G2/G8/G9 Dash Mount Choke Cable 87"
Yamaha Drive 2012 1/2+ Accelerator Cable