Golf Cart Garage Floor Mat

Posted by on 8/12/2019 to DIY Golf Fixes
The Golf Cart Mat is an easy, affordable way to protect your garage floor. The durable, recycled poly material will contain dirt and absorb fluids before they leak through to the floor.

Golf Cart Enclosures for Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha

Posted by on 8/6/2019
Quality Nylon Fabric 2-4 Passenger Enclosures by RHOX. Free Shipping on Orders $150 or More!

Golf Cart Storage Covers

Posted by on 8/5/2019
Universal, Heavy-Duty Storage Covers for Golf Carts. Shop Online. Made To Protect Your Cart From Dirt, Weather & Sun Damage. Free Shipping on Orders $150 or More.

Troubleshooting installation of the LGT-312L headlight bumper

Posted by Adminstrator on 8/14/2018 to DIY Golf Fixes
A handful of 2014 TXTs have an extra piece of tubular steel welded on the front of the frame (shown below).
 If on the frame, it will interfere with the installation of the LGT-312L headlight bumper.  
The piece of steel was used as extra support for the front cowl and bumper but it is not needed and can be removed.  
Once removed, the light should fit without a problem. 

Rally Classic Chrome Wheel Cover

Posted by on 10/12/2017
Give your golf cart a classic ’60s look with this 5-spoke chrome wheel cover.